Murder Mysteries in St Neots

There are no scripts for you or your guests. We’ll take care of everything, including evidence presentation and solution. Moreover, our interactive mingle format allows more intimacy between guests. You and your guests will become part of the mystery instead of feeling like you are just sitting around a table reading cards and playing a game. No more dreaded party lulls! Be prepared to discover how cunning your friends REALLY are!

Although it’s not all doom & gloom, each performance will include quirky and fun characters, plus funny situations.

Our events tend to be set in modern day to help everybody get into the spirit of things ensure but we can also stage period themes upon request. Whether you are hosting a dinner party, social event, theme night, or just getting together with friends, our events provide the perfect ice breaker. Even strangers will be talking, laughing and scheming in no time.

For more information about how we can help you host a thrilling evening you’ll never forget, contact us.