Under Milk Wood

October 1961

Under Milk Wood is billed as a play for voices and this certainly comes across in the film adaptation. About half the play is silent action with a voiceover, and the voiceover describes the thoughts of a stranger, who whilst wandering through a small Welsh village seems to know the intimate details of the life of a selection of the town inhabitants. Described in poetic terms we learn that most of the inhabitants are very strange people indeed – we are told about their innermost desires and thoughts. The other half is the characters themselves acting out some of what we have learned about them.

We start at dawn and follow through one day in the life of the town. The town itself appears to have been passed by in history and those that are left behind almost seem like they are caught in a very drab and depressing version of Groundhog Day, destined to repeat each day over and over. We see a bartender that has secret desires for the local school teacher, a haberdasher that is having an affair, a strange marriage with a very dominant wife and a husband that dreams of knocking her off and many other strange characters. A central character is a retired sea captain that is blind and dreams of the life that he used to lead.

Whilst an effort has been made to copy the cast list from the images available as accurately as possible, please accept our apologies if there are errors or omissions, we are only human!


1st Onlooker

Gordon Ascroft

Polly Garter, 2nd Onlooker

Muriel Sheard

Captain Cat, 2nd Drowned

Ernie Aves

Utah Watkins, 1st Drowned

John Sheard

Rosie Probert, Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard

Vicki Mountford

Cherry Owen, 3rd Drowned

David Wilson

Lord Cut-Glass, 4th Drowned

Pat Gaskell

Butcher Beynon, Dai Bread, 5th Drowned

George Irons

Myfanwy Price, Waldo's Wife, Mary Ann Sailors

Vera Huckle

Mog Edwards, Mr Ogmore

Ray Stiles

Jack Black, Mr Pritchard

Gordon London

Mr Waldo, P.C Attila Rees

Gerald Bowd

Waldo's Mother, Mrs Beynon

Phyllis Dobney

1st Neighbour, 1st Woman

Olive Craig

Mrs Dai Bread One, 2nd Neighbour, 2nd Woman

Margo Camp

Mrs Cherry Owen, 3rd Neighbour, 3rd Woman

Jan Biggs

4th Neighbour, 4th Woman

Pat Devlin

Little Boy Waldo, One of Mr Waldo's

Michael Irons

Matti Richards, Ricky Rees

Maria Benevento

Matti's Mother, Mrs Dai Bread Two

Lorna Laycock

Rev. Eli Jenkins, Organ Morgan

Pennant Greaves

Gossamer Beynon

Jane Cobb

Mrs Organ Morgan, Mrs Willy Nilly

Dorothy Huckle

Willy Nilly, The Guide Book

Derek Rootes


Brian O'Dell

Lily Smalls, Our Sal, Child

Lottie Hoenigsman

Mae Rose Cottage

Pat Martin

Bessie Bighead, Mother

Molly Van Bella

Ocky Milkman

Eric Meadows

Mr Pugh

John Ellis

Mrs Pugh

Betty Stocker

Nogood Boyo

Morris Wildman

Maggy Richards, Gwenny

Lesley Ward

Nasty Humphrey

Kenny Barnes

Billy Swansea

Ian Naylor

Jackie with the sniff

Callum Cursley

Evans The Death

Michael Cropley


Derek Gaskell

Other School Children

Gillian Braybrook
Susan Harrison
Geraldine Barnes
Judith London
Carol Darlow



John Sheard

Stage Management

George Irons
Derek Rootes
Pennant Greaves

Lighting & Sound

Michael Cropley
Ian Pygott