Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

January 2005

The Queen enters beauty contests constantly – and wins, but when her mirror chooses Snow White she sends the guards to kill her young rival.

The guards release Snow White in the forest, but the mirror tells the truth and they are sent to finish the job. They find Snow White protected by the dwarfs and hatch a plan to get her away. They plan to get her voted out of the ‘Little Brother’ house and into their clutches, but the dwarfs are having none of it.

The Queen loses patience and does the job herself, using a poisoned apple. She knows nothing about the handsome prince who is beginning a quest to find his princess in the forest.

The King’s privately built spacecraft is almost ready, and made giddy by the promises of universal fame awaiting the first pilot, the Queen snatches the helmet from Guard2 and rockets off into the void. He is left holding the Craft Course Reversal Mechanism, (the steering wheel!)

The Prince saves Snow White from the deadly fruit’s thrall and takes her back to the palace where the King abdicates and the new King and Queen embark on a long reign full of joy and justice.


Queen Malevolent

Christine Suggars

The Spirit Of The Mirror

Kay Goodman

Lord Chamberlain

Lol Smith

Handy Andy

Don McKay

Snow White

Sian Francis

Dame Doitall

Neil Oliver

Prince Rupert

Terri Lalonde


George Kelly

Sir Nicholas

Les Roberts


Cheryl Wagstaff
Katie Larkins


Sarah Roberts

Chorus/Ladies & Gentlemen of the Court

Lynda Collins
Sylvie Townsend
Julie Allwright
Les Roberts
George Kelly
Val Linnell
Peggy Maggs


Jessica Hart
Gemma Adams


Daniel Francis
Oliver Roberts


James Russell
Mary Lundie


Abigail Donnachie
Phoebe Webber


Holly Eida
Ben Clare


Kirsten Mason
Billy Mahoney


Hayley Russell
Molly Mahoney

Dancers & Animals of the Forest

Yvette Coker & School of Dance



Phil Collins