Les Miserables

May 2014

If you’ve seen the musical, come and see the true story!

The play follows the life of a man called Valjean, full of hardship, pain, love and conflicts during the Napoleonic period in French history. Valjean’s main conflict throughout the play is with the long arm of the law Javert. Javert sees the law as an answer for everything, and no exception should be made regardless of how small the crime. Valjean has served his time but Javert suspects Valjean at every stage of his life and his mission is to see Valjean behind bars again.


Beggar, Barber, Fauchelevent, Quink

Paul Riddy

Thenardiere, Enjolras

Don McKay


George Kelly

Javert, Gribier

Kevin Wallace

Marius, Paul

Rowan Marshall

Fantine, Cosette

Abbie Miles

Eponine, Sister Suplice

Natasha Woodcraft

Madam Thenardiere, Abbess

Shelley Browne