Ladies in Retirement

October 1981

Estuary House is an old, pre-tudor, farmhouse situated below the town of Gravesend in the Thames marshes made so famous by Dickens in Great Expectations. It stands at a small height above the level pastures which stretch out to the massive stong walls that bound the great river. It belongs, in this year of 1885, to a Miss Leonora Fiske (a retired lady) She has had a good many men-friends, one or two of whom pay her small quarterly allowances, and she has saved money….


Miss Lucy Gilham

Deborah Tullett

Miss Leonora Fiske

Angela White

Miss Ellen Creed

Anne Kendon

Miss Louisa Creed

Kay Kisby

Miss Emily Creed

Jean Carnell

Sister Theresa

Wyn Wheeler

Mr Albert Feather

Alastair Fowkes



Linda Trolley

Stage Manager

Bob Gilbert

Assistant Stage Manager

Alan Bell


Martin Inward

Lighting Assistant

Phil Trolley

Set Design, Poster & Programme Design

Linda Trolley


Linda Tee
Tonia Kingham
Kim Tappenden

Make-up & Hair

Jackie Beharry

Front of House

Sheila Smith