Good Night Mrs Puffin

May 1971

The action takes place in the drawing room of the Fordyce Family at their home in Hampstead.

A delightfully humorous peek into the lives of two families busily planning a Christmas wedding. The excitement and goings-on take a curious turn when an eccentric unknown woman, Mrs Puffin, appears on the doorstep with the pronouncement that the wedding is not going to take place. The perfect touch of British wit for a busy holiday season!


Ethel Fordyce

Hazel John

Jacqueline Fordyce

Mo Pearce

Pamela Fordyce

Gilliam Tomlinson

Nicholas Fordyce

Peter Robson


Pam Flint

Amelia Puffin

Pat Salisbury

Henry Fordyce

Tony Gaskell

Stephen Parker

Eric Usher

Victor Parker

David Pitt

Roger Vincent

Mac Brown



Richard Chalkley

Stage Manager

Ian Naylor

Lighting & Sound

Mike Cropley


Penny Dawes


Tony Murfin


Brian Freestone

Front of House

Tom Wright