Ghost Train

May 2019

Written by Arnold Ridley (Godfrey in Dad’s Army), the plot revolves around a party of assorted railway travellers who find themselves stranded in the waiting room of an isolated country station in the evening. The station master tries to persuade them to leave the site as he is closing the station for the night. They refuse to leave, citing the lack of alternative accommodation for several miles around. He warns them of the supernatural danger of a spectral old railway carriage train, the ghost of one that fatally wrecked in the locality several years before, that sometimes haunts the line at night, bringing death to all who set eyes upon it. Incredulous of his story, they still refuse to leave, and he departs leaving them facing a night at the station.


Saul Hodgkin/Station Master

Jon Hewitt

Richard Winthrop

Andy Grannell

Elsie Winthrop

Maxine Adamson

Charles Murdock

Michael Mazzone

Peggy Murdock

Alissa King-Underwood

Miss Bourne

Lynda Collins

Teddie Deakin

Brett Nunn

Julie Price

Emma Ward

Herbert Price

Richard Fitt

John Sterling

Tom Monkhouse


Tony Watson



Isobella Coleman