Dad’s Army

May 2009

Featuring three of the show’s episodes: The Deadly Attachment, Mum’s Army and The Godiva Affair.

The Deadly Attachment

Mainwaring’s men have been detailed to guard a captured U-boat crew until a military escort arrives. When the escort is delayed, the platoon must house them overnight. It turns out to be a trying time; the Germans expect to be fed the finest and freshest fish and chips, but they have a defiant leader who lets it be known that he is noting down enemy names.

Mum’s Army

Captain Mainwaring’s plans to involve the women of the town in the platoon becomes rather too personal.

The Godiva Affair

As the town is still £2,000 short of the sum it requires for the purchase of a Spitfire, the platoon decide to drum up support by performing a morris dance at the fund-raising carnival. It is the identity of the Lady Godiva figure, however, that ends up grabbing the most people’s attention.


Captain Mainwaring

Jim Henson

Sergeant Wilson

Richard Fitt

Lance Corporal Jones

Lol Smith

Private Frazer

George Kelly

Private Walker

Geoff Unwin

Private Godfrey

Gary Stephenson

Private Pike

Chris Clifton

Private Cheeseman

Mark Jones


Allan Dixon
Matthew Taylor
Richard Simons
Don McKay

U Boat Captain

Ian Guest

U Boat Crew

Adam Hillier
James Walters
Martin Lilley
Tom Blackburn
Martin Findlay
Jason Chamberlain
Matthew Taylor

Chief Warden Hodges

Paul Riddy


Don McKay


Allan Dixon

Town Clerk

Les Roberts

Mrs Fox

Sylvie Townsend

Mrs Gray

Charlotte Edwards

Mrs Pike

Lauren Bachman

Mrs Prosser

Peggy Maggs

Edith Parish

Gilly Minshull

Ivy Samways

Laura Donelan

Miss Ironside

Lynda Collins


Philippa Kruman

Buffet Attendant

Cassie Long

Godiva Girls

Becky Chambers
Bryony Mountfort
Laura Donelan
Gilly Minshull
Lynda Collins



Don MacKay

Assistant Director

Maxine Evans