Wyrd Sisters 1998

On a moor in the rainy country of Lancre, three witches hold a coven meeting. They are the fearsome Granny Weatherwax, the easy-going Nanny Ogg and the timid Magrat, and are doing nothing more than following tradition. Up in the castle, however, a sinister plot is afoot: King Verence lies dead, murdered by his cousin, Duke Felmet. Death comes to him, and tells him that instead of moving on he is destined to become a ghost and haunt the castle. As Death leaves, Verence remembers his son.but after dashing to the baby’s room he finds the cot smashed, and the child gone. Giving chase, he then discovers that he cannot leave the castle that he is doomed to haunt.

A coach crashes along towards the moor, pursued by three soldiers. The coachman sees the three witches and approaches them for help, but after thrusting a bundle into Granny Weatherwax’s arms he is shot dead. The three soldiers converge on the witches, but Granny uses her considerable psychic powers to see them off. She then looks at what she has been given, and sees that it is a baby. She is wondering what to do when Magrat, inspecting the coach, finds a crown. Granny becomes uneasy at this, as it bears the mark of something big.



Grannt Weatherwax – Lauren Bachman

Nanny Ogg Claire Hurd

Margrat Garlick Michala Gardiner

Verence Mike Nolan

Leonal Felmet Robert Duncan

Lady Felmet Terro Aldis

Mrs Vitoller Lenie Bekkers

Fool Kevin Wallace

Tomjon Neil Gould

Hwel Sarah Cottam

Sergeant Neil Gould

Demon Tim Chielstone

Robbers, Players, Guards & Peasants
Andy Dawson, Phil Collins, Aidan Hervery, Sarah Manly, Alison Vasey, Glenys Shaw, Lynda Bull, Mark Thurgood



Director Jan Nolan

Producer / Stage Manager Allan Dixon

Casting Mike Chilestone

Assistant Stage Manager Don MacKay

Stage Crew Mark Thurgood, Kerrie Thigden, Katie Buck

Sound Tony Maturano & Rita Coleman

Lighting Martin Inward and Julia Shadlock

Costumes Jean Manly and Lenie Bekkers

Props Tracey Wallace

Make Up Elaine Mountfort

Fight Choreographer Mike Nolan