The Plotters Of Cabbage Patch Corner January 1972

The insects live in a busy world in the garden. Their existence, however, is always overshadowed by humans infuriated by constant “spraying”, Slug Greenfly and Maggot call for rebellion, strikes, and ruination of the garden but the others oppose this and war is declared. Fortune swings back and forth in a series of bitter campaigns – the garden goes to ruin, and the humans decide to build a garage on it, this brings the insects to their senses. They combine to restore the garden to its original beauty and thus preserve their home.


Glow Worm – Doug Young

Ladybird – Angela White

Ant – Carol Booker

Slug – John McCabe

Red Admiral – Peter Jepson

Greenfly – Jennefer Craig

Maggot – Tony Gaskell

Bumble Bee – Pamela Thompson

The Great Mushroom Peter Robson

Spider / Womans Voice Kingsley E. Thompson

Mans Voice Robin Pithey

Flowers Sheila Knight, Pam Flint, Jill Clements

At the Piano – David Pitt


Produced by Vicki Mountford

Stage Managers – Bob Gilbert & Robin Pithey

Lighting & Sound – Gordon Johnston

Prompt – Kingsley E. Thompson

Publicity – Richard Chalkley