Spiders Web May 1996

It tells the story of an ambassador’s wife who must hide the corpse of her husband from his daughter.

Obviously we can’t say any more…



Sir Roland Delahaye – Graham Hunt

Hugo Birch – Robin Walters

Jeremy Warrender – Kirk Wootton

Clarissa Hailsham-Brown – Nikki Holt

Pippa Hailsham-Brown – Sarah Manly

Mildred Peake – Lenie Bekkers

Elgin – Phil Collins

Oliver Costello – Damon Witherick

Henry Hailsham-Brown – Chris Ryan

Inspector Lord – Mike Chielstone

Constable Jones – Robert Lewell



Directed by Aiden Hervey

Producer/Publicity – Roger Wood

Stage Manager/Set Design – Jim Shadlock

Lighting – Martin Inward

Costumes – Anne Weeks

Make Up – Terri Aldis

Art Design – Tony Spaul

Prompt – Suzy Blows