Sleeping Beauty

December 2007

Long ago and far away the King and Queen of Arcadia are celebrating the birth of their daughter Princess Beauty. However, the celebrations are short-lived when an angry black fairy, Carabosse, turns up to the Christening and bestows a curse on the baby because she had not received her invitation. When Princess Beauty reaches the age of 18 she will prick her finger on a needle and die!

Luckily, the Lilac Fairy hasn’t bestowed her gift and manages to lift some of the curse. Instead of dying, Beauty will sleep for a hundred years and be woken by the kiss of a handsome prince. As the court don’t want to leave Beauty to wake up to a world where she doesn’t know anyone they too will sleep for a hundred years.

A century later, Prince Michael arrives and after fighting off Carabosse’s Black Knight awakens Beauty with a kiss. The rest of the court is woken by the Lilac Fairy and a wedding is soon planned. However, Carabosse is not to be thwarted so easily and she hatches another plan to get rid of the princess. Will the prince rescue Beauty? Will Carabosse be defeated? All is revealed as the show unfolds!


The Minstrel – Don McKay

The Stalk – Lucy Robson

King Of Arcadia – Chris Baker

Queen Of Arcadia – Ruth Montgomery-Law

Nanny Fanny Cranny – Lawrence Allwright

Pickles (The Page) – Becky Chisem

Silver Fairy Godmother – Christine Suggars

Gold Fairy Godmother – Lauren Bachman

Lilac Fairy Godmother – Karen Jackson

Carabosse (The Black Fairy) – Lynda Collins

Princess Beauty – Emily Humphries

Prince Michael Of Monrovia – Wolfie Hammerbacker

Chorus – Lauren Bachman, Jim Henson, Mark Jones, George Kelly, Tracy Pavard, Keith Popely, Lol Smith, Christine Suggars

Dancers – Amy Bassinder, Leah Butlin, Helen Cole, Gemma Harrison, Andjelka Ivanovic, Amy James, Sasha McLintock, Lewis McKay, Billy Mahoney, Carla Morrey, Charlotte Newman, Olivia Salour, Mallory Schwartz, Niall Swords



Director – Maxine Evans

Production Manager – Simon Ockenden

Stage Manager – Paul Robbins

Choreographer – Yvette Curtin

Backstage Crew – Jonathan Shadlock, Nick Shadlock, Dave Winfield, Fred Best, Dan Cooper, Natalie Rozanski, Dora Lillywhite, Craig Deverell, Martin Coates, Markie Webb, Stephen Robbins, Allan Dixon, Bob Hacking, Tim Powers (uncredited)

Lighting Designer – Chris Glenton

Lighting Operator – Matt Watson

Follow Spot Operator – Keith Moss

Sound Manager – Scott Andrews

Sound Assistant – Ed Smith

Properties – RaeAnna Hammerbacker

Settings conceived by – Maxine Evans

Settings Designer –  Paul Robbins

Specialist Staging Artefacts & Props – Don McKay, Lawrence Allwright, Bob Hacking, Paul Robbins

Technical Consultant – Brian Moroney

Additional Settings Builders & Painters – Paul Robbins, Don McKay, Bob Hacking, Brian Moroney, Stephen Robbins, Lauren Bachman, Lawrence Allwright, Chris Baker

Priory Centre Liaison – Richard Fitt

Wardrobe Mistresses – Maxine Evans, Lauren Bachman

Dame’s Dresser – Val Linnell

Front Of House Manager – Ian Jackson

Front Of House – Helpers Members of VAMPS & St Neots Players

Merchandise Coordinator – Maxine Evans

Sweets Coordinator – Lynda Collins

Publicity – Ian Francis, Christine Suggars, Members of St Neots Players

Photography – Peter Constable, Christine Suggars

Signage Creation – Don McKay

Banner/Poster/Programme Cover Design – Ian Francis

Programme Design / Editing – Christine Suggars

Box Office – Ian Francis, St Neots Priory Centre




Sleeping Beauty Programme