Sherlock Holmes

September 2011

Sir Henry has become heir to the vast Baskerville fortune, a legacy that comes complete with a family curse — death at the fangs of a living horror prowling the English moor. Only Sherlock Holmes can stop the beast from striking again.



Sherlock Holmes – Geoff Unwin

Doctor Watson – Lawrence Allwright

Perkins – Megan Riley

Mrs Barrymore – Tracy Gould

Barrymore – George Kelly

Sir Henry – Simon Ockenden

Kathy Stapleton – Charli Evans

Lady Agatha Mortimer – Charlotte Edwards

Laura Lyons – Abbie Miles

Jack Stapleton – Nick Fennelly



Director – Isobella Coleman

Stage Manager – Allan Dixon

Producer – Brendan Sheppard

Lighting Director – Martin Inward

Sound – Simon Matthews