Robin Hood – The Panto!

December 2009

The eternal battle between Robin Locksley and the money grabbing sheriff, played-out against the background of a missing king and an impending wedding.

A tale of argumentative outlaws with no leader and no idea, not unlike the sheriff’s sister Dame Euphonia that keeps looking for her prince charming.

A fun filled action packed panto complete with Great songs,dances and men in tights!!



Robin Hood – Tom Langdale

Maid Marion – Abbie Miles

Sheriff Of Nottingham – Brendan Sheppard

Dogberry – Keith Popely

Dame Euphonia – Ian Wursfold

Lord Knowse – Ian Guest

Sir Cecil – Don MacKay

Sir Cedric – Lol Smith

Friar Tuck – Ian Francis

Little John – George Kelly

Will Scarlett – Geoff Unwin

Alan Adair – Matt Rivers

Clothilda – Molly-Rose Edwards

Much, the Millers Son – Matthew Taylor

Soldier 1 – Chris Baker

Soldier 2 – Ian Guest

Ruth the Soothsayer – Lynda Collins

Gaston The Chef / King Richard – Mike Delaney

Chorus – Charlie Francis, Tom Francis, Lauren Sheppard, Amy Batchelor, Tracy Pavard, Blake Rivers, Lilli Rivers, Raffan Rivers


Director – Marina Coleman-Rivers

Producer – Tony Marturano

Publicity – Ian Guest

Stage Manager – Paul Robbins