Peter Panto January 2003

Peter Pan sets off on a quest to find a happy ending, but instead becomes entangled with …. a girl! In a tale of magical mayhem and fantastic fun, Peter Webster has taken the everlasting Pan story and treated it in a traditional pantomime way. Follow Peter on his journey to find the ending of a mother’s half-told tale, through adventures with Wendy, the Lost Boys, and the dastardly Captain James Hook. Meet the loyal Tinkerbell, the lovable Bosun Smee, and rock with the Croc!



Mr Darling – Richard Fitt

Mrs Darling – Joanne Bowers

Wendy – Jennifer Christie / Stacey Wilson

John – James Bevan

Michael – Rachael Collman

Peter Pan – Jo Travers / Jan Webber

Tinkerbell – Don MacKay

Captain Hook – Phil Collins

Smee – Les Roberts

Starkey – Lynda Collins

Jukes – Joanne Bowers

Cookson – Maxine Evans

Mullins – Tracy Miles

Cecco – Christine Suggars

Slightly – Sylvie Townsend

Tootles – John Roscoe

Curley – Richard Fitt

Nibs – George Kelly

First Twin – Gordon Clarke

Second Twin – Bob Lowell

Croc – Tracy Gould

Nana – Wookie



Director – Allan Dixon