December 2015

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It’s morning in storyland and the computer has broken down. The result? All the stories have been mixed up. What is Snow White doing in a gingerbread cottage? Why is Robin Hood dusting the palace? How will everything and everyone end up where they should be? Oh dear, this year’s pantomime is pure Pantomonium!



Tinks – Alissa King-Underwood

Queen Bea – Linda Riddy

Red Riding Hood – Bryony Mountfort

Snow White – Abbie Miles

Cinderella – Billie-jo Rainbird

Debs – Paul Riddy

Babs – Les Roberts

Prince Charming – Lynda Collins

Prince Handsome – Michael Mazzone

Robin Hood – Kevin Wallace

Wolf/Woodcutter – George Kelly

Mirrors Operating System – Simon Ockendon



Director – Kevin Wallace

Assistant Director – Marina Coleman-Rivers

Stage Manager – James Goodman

Lighting – Kate Maltby

Sound – Dave Maltby & Kim Ulmer

Production Manager – Richard Fitt

Publicity – Richard Fitt, Marina Coleman-Rivers, Tim Powers (Designer)