La Ronde September 1999

The story is a series of character vignettes, set in Vienna in the early 1900s and held together by a narrator. As the title implies, both the story and the film’s visual motifs are circular.


The Whore – Lynda Collins

The Soldier Don MacKay

The Parlour Maid Maxine Evans

The Young Gentleman Andy Dawson

The Young Wife Michala Gardiner

The Husband Michael Brown

The Little Miss Marina Coleman-Rivers

The Poet Kevin Wallace

The Actress Christine Suggars

The Count Aidan Hervey



Director Bella Coleman

Stage Manager Allan Dixon

Lighting Martin Inward

Sound Tony Marturano

Stage Crew Bill Coleman and John Storey

Costumes Cast & County Wardrobe

Props Tracey Wallace

Publicity John Storey