Jack and the Beanstalk January 2007

Jack and his mother were very poor. They had to sell their cow. Jack sold the cow for some beans. When he took the beans home his mother was so mad that she threw them out the window.

The next morning there was a giant beanstalk that had grown up to the sky. Jack climbed up the beanstalk. He found a castle. The giant’s wife let Jack in and fed him some supper. When the giant came home she hid Jack. The giant ate his supper and then asked for his magic hen that laid golden eggs. When the giant fell asleep Jack ran home with the hen. Jack and his mother became rich with the golden eggs from the magic hen.

Jack went back two more times. The first time he brought back a bag of gold coins. The second time when he went to take the magic harp, the harp started to sing and woke up the giant. The giant ran after Jack. Jack climbed down the beanstalk and chopped it down before the giant could catch him. Jack and his mother lived happily ever after.



The Good Fairy – Chelsea Moore

Dame Esmerelda Trot – Keith Popely

Jack Trot – Eleisha Eastwick

Buttercup – Laura Bassinder, Hayley Tilcock, Barney Evans-Doran

Jethro – Don MacKay

Miss Mary – Maxine Evans

Mr Fleshcreep – George Kelly

Major Roadworks – Brendan Sheppard

Private Access – Lol Smith

Princess Jasmine of Airboria – Steph Miles

Footman – Martyn Lilley

King Frederick of Airboria – Phil Collins

Queen Gladioli of Airboria – Lynda Collins

Tex the Bar Tender – Mike Delany

Miss Kitty – Debbie Smith

Jake the Pianist – Ryan Hills

Saloon Belles – Emily Humphries, Jessica Rhodes Amausa Wallis, Lauren Boothby



Director – Jo Travers