Godspell 1986

A modern-day version of the gospels, opening with John the Baptist calling a disparate group of young New Yorkers from their workaday lives to follow and learn from Jesus. They form a roving acting troupe that enacts the parables through song and dance, comedy, and mime. Jesus’ ministry ends with a last supper, his Crucifixion in a junkyard, and, the following morning, his body being carried aloft by his apostles back into the world of the living on the streets of New York.


Matthew Salter

Ian Worsfold

David Honour

Tim Smith

Phillip Leverett

Fiona Humphrey

Margaret Marsh

Teresa Fulton

Jackie Laws



Directed by Rita Coleman

Producer – David Honor

Stage Manager – Glenys Shaw

Lighting – Crew Martin Inward, David Curr, Ian Jackson

Music and Sound – Graham Smith, Margaret Marsh

Publicity – Denice Honour