Father Christmas: The Panto

December 2014

It’s Christmas morning in Dreadful Deirdre’s household and once again she hasn’t received a present from Father Christmas. Incensed and angry, she orders her minions, Snatchitt and Snaffle, to go to the North Pole to bring back Santa’s head on a plate.

By the time they arrive the Elves, under the management of Reindeer Ruby and her son Ronnie, are packing everything away and putting the reindeer, including Rudolf, to bed for their summer hibernation. Meanwhile the Professor and his assistant Smithers are putting the finishing touches to their latest inventions.

One last job before the long sleep is to conduct you on a guided tour of Santa’s workshop. Will Deirdre and her minions succeed in their evil deeds or be thwarted by Father Christmas, and will you get to meet the great man himself? “Oh yes you will!”

Father Christmas the pantomime will definitely get you in the mood for Christmas, with some familiar and some not so familiar songs, hilarious antics, amazing dance routines and all of the Panto elements you would expect to entertain young and old alike. There may even be snow!



Father Christmas – Chris Baker

Reindeer Ruby – Tony Knox

Ronnie – Kate Nizzer

Dreadful Deirdre – Helen Price

Snaffle – Lol Smith

Snatchitt – Don McKay

The Toy Professor – Eddie Knight

Smithers – Paul Hutchinson

Elves – Eleanor Baker-Crane, Niamh Baker-Crane, Adam Emery, Beth Emery, Charlotte Emery, Mark Jones, Bodie Miles, Willow Miles, Tom Monkhouse, Andrew Phillis, Dee Robinson, Emily Webber

Rudolf – Raffan Rivers

Toys/Reindeer – Langdale Dance Arts (LDA)



Director & Production Manager – Maxine McKay

Stage Manager – Dan Cooper

Sound Technician – Scott Andrews

Lighting – Martin Inward

FX Lighting/Follow-spot – Tim Powers

Backstage crew – Members of The St Neots Players

Props – Members of the cast & production team

Costumes – Maxine McKay, Amy Jo Liddell, Lorraine Miles

Choreography – Tom Langdale, Amy Jo Liddell, Kate Nizzer

Chaperones – Amy Jo Liddell, Samantha Hall, Sue Mason

Publicity – Allon Dixon, Richard Fitt, Christine Suggars, Marina Coleman-Rivers, Lynda Collins, Paul Riddy, Maxine McKay

Publicity Artwork – Tim Powers

Programme – Christine Suggars

Photography – Christine Suggars, Peter Constable

Front of House Manager – Richard Fitt

Front of House – Members of St Neots Players & VAMPS

Box Office – Richard Fitt & The Priory Centre