September 2009

An exciting new version of this classic tale. The play opens just after the mysterious death of Doctor Seward’s fiancee, Lucy. Before long, his neighbour, Count Dracula, has paid a visit and clearly has his eyes on Mina, Dr Seward’s sister.

When Mina begins to display the same symptoms as Lucy leading up to her death, there is much cause for concern and the rest of the play becomes a desperate race to save Mina from Dracula’s evil clutches. A very lively and highly amusing adaptation of this ever-popular story.



Count Dracula – Reuben Milne

Professor Van Helsing – Lawrence Allwright

Reinfield – Matthew Taylor

D. Arthur Seward – Brendan Sheppard

Jonathan Harker – Richard Simons

Mina Seward – Bryony Mountford

Davis – Maxine Evans

Hennessey – Ian Francis

Vampiresses – Karen Jackson, Jan Webber, Shelley Brown, Amy Batchelor, Sian Francis



Director – Bella Coleman

Producer – Tony Marturano

Writer – Charles McKeown

Stage Manager – Paul Robbins

Lighting – Chris Glenton

Sound – Scott Andrews

Choreography – Jan Webber & Marina Coleman-Rivers

Director’s Assistant – Marina Coleman-Rivers

Poster Designed by Simon Webb

Front of House Manager – RaeAnna Hammerbacker