January 2011

The traditional fairytale of a young woman who longs to meet her Prince Charming to escape from her mean and ugly stepsisters.

Will Cinders ever get to the ball?

Will she meet her Prince charming again and live happily ever after?

With a little help from some fairy magic who knows what could happen!



A Child – Georgia Brown

School Teacher – Julie Allwright

Cinderella* – Charlotte Evans / Larissa Crisp

Fairy Godmother – Jo Travers-Brown

Buttons, the Baron’s manservant – Martin Young

Smash, the Broker’s man – Ian Francis

Grab, the Broker’s man – Lawrence Allwright

Baron Hardup of Stoneybroke Hall – Lol Smith

Ronnie, the Baron’s step-daugher – Keith Popely

Roxy – the Baron’s step-daugher – Kevin Shepherd

Prince Charming – Rachel Stephenson

Dandini, the Prince’s Equerry – Katie Larkins

Landlady of the Olde Oake Tavern – Tracy Gould

Alfie, a minstrel – Gary Stephenson

Chorus – Katie Allwright, Georgia Brown, Lynda Collins, Katie Dawson, Charlie Francis, Sian Francis, Tom Francis, Tracy Gould, Abbie Miles, Gary Stephenson, Christine Suggars

Dancers – Billy Mahoney, Lorna Childs, Niall Swords, Charlotte Evans, Sasha McClintock, Alex Gotch, Jessica Rhodes, Hannah Jefferies, Paige World, Thomas Myring


Keyboards – Rowan Marshall

Guitar – Tom McFadzean

Bass – Will Hughes

Percussion – Sam Smith

The Vocal Minority – Katherine Burr



Director & Production Coordinator – Maxine Evans

Stage Manager – Don McKay

Choreographer – Vikki Barker

Choreography (adult performers) – Sasha McClintock, Billy Mahoney, Lorna Childs, Alex Gotch, Charlotte Evans

Musical Director – Rowan Marshall

Music – Don McKay

Sound – Chris Glenton

Sound Assistant – Karen Rawlins

Lighting – Martin Inward

Follow-spot Operator – Keith Moss

Properties – Debbie Whittall

Set designer & Coordinator – Paul Robbins

Backstage Crew – Jonathan Shadlock, Nick Shadlock, Dora Lillywhite, Craig Deverell, Dan Cooper, Martin Coates, Dave Winfield, Bob Hacking

Set Builders & Painters – Paul Robbins, Brian Moroney & Members of the society

Make-up Artist – Sarah Hayward

Wardrobe Mistress – Maxine Evans

Front of House Manager – RaeAnna Hammerbacker

Front of House – Members of VAMPS & St Neots Players

Merchandise Coordinator – Maxine Evans

Publicity – Members of St Neots Players

Photography – Peter Constable, Christine Suggars

Promo DVD for Facebook – Brendan Sheppard

Banner – Phil Terry

Poster/Programme cover design – Kimberley Huggins

Programme design/editing – Christine Suggars

Box Office – Ian Worsfold, St Neots Priory Centre




Cinderella 2011 prog low res