Cinderella January 1991

Cinderella’s cruel stepmother, Grimelda, is trying to get her hands on the deeds to castle Liberty. And feeds old Baron-Von Trapdoor her special ‘herbal tea’ in order to achieve her wicked aims. This panto follows the traditional line, which sees Cinderella worked hard by her stepfamily. Then not being allowed to go the ball, before eventually being helped by her fairygodmother. Featuring, traditional character, such as Buttons the butler, who dreams of being a great inventor. And ugly sisters, Bella and Donna. Dandini and Prince Charming. Additional characters include Max. Cinderella’s brilliantly clever dog. And Dim and Wit, two gullible jobseekers. There are two hilarious sketches involving the ugly sisters and Buttons. One is where the ugly sister’s think they are watching changing rooms on TV, and the other is when they try out Button’s new beauty measuring machine, with hilarious consequences.



Cinderella – Sarah Cottam

Boris / Spider – Robin Walters

Zelda – Terri Aldis

Lavatrina – Kevin Wallace

Patterina – Neil Gould

Buttons – Allan Dixon

Prince Charming – Lynda Collins

Dandini – Andy Dawson

Wanda – Maxine Evans

Trick – Jo Travers

Treat – Alison Vasey

Pongo – Amy-Jo Liddell

Tourists – Jennifer Christie Thomas Walters Samantha McKay Erica-Jane Cooper Victoria Cox Cassey-Anne Long



Director – Phil Collins

Production Manager – Mike Nolan

Stage Manager – Paul Robbins

Lighting – Martin Inward

Assistants – Julia Shadlock and Mark Thurgood

Sound – Colin Jackson

Set Decorator – Tony Spaul

Costumes – Jean Manly and Lenie Bekkers

Choreographers – Jordi and Nicola Guitart

Music – Alana Thackray and Ian Worsfold

Make Up – Elaine Mountford

Puppet Maker – Sarah Cottam