A View From The Bridge 1963

To the countless thousands living at starvation level in post-war Europe, America represented the chance of a new way of life. Faced by long waiting lists and restrictions on legal methods of entry, many people resorted to the “under water” route and on arrival in the United States lived constantly in fear of detection by the Immigration authorities. This is the background of A View from the Bridge.


Louis – Maurice Wildman

Mike – Ray Stiles

Alfieri – Douglas Young

Eddie Carbone – Gerald Bowd

Catherine – Ruth Cooper

Beatrice – Roberta Calvert

Marco – Ernest Aves

Tony – Derek Gaskell

Rodolpho – Gordon Ashcroft

Immigration Officers – John Walker & John Ball

Mr. Lipari – Ted Pygott

Mrs. Lipari – Frances Burgoyne


Produced by – John Knowles

Stage Managers – Gerald Bowd and Gordon Ascroft

Assistant Stage Managers – Lottie Hoenigsmann and Lorna Brittain

Scenic Design – John Walker

Lighting and Sound – Michael Cropley, Ian Pygott, Ian Naylor

Props – Bridget Wright and Jean Potter