A Murder is Announced

May 2015

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An announcement in the local paper states the time and place when a murder is to occur in Miss Blacklock’s Victorian house. The victim is not one of the house’s several occupants, but an unexpected and unknown visitor.

What follows is a puzzle of mixed motives, concealed identities, a second death, a determined Inspector grimly following the twists and turns, and Miss Marple on hand to provide the final solution at some risk to herself in a dramatic confrontation just before the final curtain.


Patrick – Rowan Marshall
Julia – Stephanie Pittam
Miss Blacklock – Louise Anderson
Bunny – Lynda Collins
Miss Marple – Emmeline Lyster
Philippa – Charlie Evans
Inspector Craddock – Don McKay
Mrs Swettenham – Louisa Hewitt
Edmund – Hugo Henche
Mitzi – Heike Riddle
Rudi Scherz/Mellors – Tom Monkhouse