Oliver Twist

December 2011

From the same production team that brought you A CHRISTMAS CAROL comes a brand new production of a timeless Classic.

Oliver Twist is an orphan who finds himself caught up in an unfortunate series of events. This is a brand new, never before staged, production of the famous Dickens play.

If you missed A Christmas Carol you won’t want to miss this – prepare for the magic of the theatre is returning and this time you’ll get a whole lot MORE!



Narrator – Glenys Shaw (Sawtry), Brendan Sheppard (Priory)

Susan – Natasha Woodcraft

Oliver’s Mother – Sarah Beer

Oliver Twist – Zac Guest

Surgeon – Richard Fitt

Mrs. Thingummy – Lynda Collins

Mrs. Mann – Mel King

Mr. Bumble – Allan Dixon

Chairman – David King

Committee Members – Harry Alexander, Reuben Milne, Christine Suggars, Richard Fitt, Sarah Beer

Mr Sowerberry – Reuben Milne

Mrs Sowerberry – Christine Suggars

Noah Claypole – Harry Alexander

Fagin – Richard Fitt

Charley – Ben Fletcher

Jack Dawkins (Artful Dodger) – Skyler Hammerbacker

Nancy – Sarah Milthorp

Bet – Emma Evans

Mr.Brownlow – Ian Guest

Bill Sikes – Brett Nunn

Police Officer – Reuben Milne

Mrs Bedwin – Natasha Woodcraft

Mr Grimwig – David King

Monks – Harry Alexander

Fagins’ Gang / Workhouse Staff – Rhia Benevento, Danielle Williams, Kirsty Knell, Paige Wiseman, Abigail Guest, Laura Collins, Ava Milne, Oscar Milne, Lauren Sheppard, Isobella Shaw

Londoners – Various Cast



Director / Writer – Brendan Sheppard

Directing Assistant / Costumes – Glenys Shaw

Producer / Costumes – Sarah Beer

Stage Manager – Jonathan Shadlock

Sound – Matthew Dilley

Lighting – Martin Inward

Properties – Georgie Fye

Costume Designer – Glenys Shaw

Stage Crew – Dan Cooper, Nick Shadlock, Ashleigh Radley, Ben Miles